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Developing kernel on a Virtual Machine (First try)

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To save writing cycles of the Armadillo NAND flash, in those days I had  searched a way to execute the developing kernel on an ARM emulator.

First try: Android Emulator

I am working on Android? so why not using the Android Emulator tool??

I am not a guru on this, so maybe I’m wrong with something.. Someone will correct me if there were an easier way.

Android emulator is known to be build over the Qemu Open Source Process Emulator but Google tend to do things harder than they are: they have introduced a new virtual hardware device based on ARMv5te architecture called Goldfish.

Qemu emulate so well the ARM Integrator platform (same processor architecture), why build another? why create another buggy linux platform? buggy in the sense that it work for the kernel version that is developed, but must be maintained in the successive kernel release and who do this work? Maybe unanswerable question..

I’ve tried to port in mainline the Goldfish platform taking it from the android-goldfish-2.6.29 branch, correcting all the Coding Style problems given by resulting in: early support, console output  and maybe network ability, but no ability to mount initrd images or nand images -> no rootfilesystem ability and so I not spend here so many time describing this developing path.

Fortunately the light bulb come up my head and through the Qemu home page I’ve found that the reference machine platform for ARM emulation is the ARM Integrator, well supported in mainline Linux kernel and within the downloads I’ve found a reference kernel plus initrd file to use within.
Good! Second try!


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24/11/2009 at 9:55 am

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  1. […] I said in my previous post, Qemu is a complete platform emulator that can emulate the Integrator ARM machine platform (CPU and […]

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